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More info on my situation

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Time To Eat

11193294_10153302840291670_7939953020953686008_nI’ve wanted to post this for a while. Only in Brooklyn can chicken be raised while basking in the city lights. Thank you for all the information Greg, Lydia and Salome. Also, buy some fresh groceries from The Imani garden has a special link too (click here), which is handled by Ms. Salome.

Please check out the goodies like fudge from upstate New York, chips from Long Island, and Hummus from Queens….all delicious!!

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The Ages


This winter will be one for the ages

We’ll drink, laugh, sing and be merry

Times get tough but we goin make it

Yeh we’ll ring in the new year baby

Just hold my hand as the snowflakes fall

We can get warm by the yuletide log

Ill whisper in your ear something so soft

We can cuddle up and stay here in my loft

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Major toothache!

Recently I had a toothache that felt like it could collapse the foundation of my house.
I was searching for a dentist to do oral surgery in one visit and had a hard time finding one.
Before this incident I went to my local hospital for a root canal and they asked me to come back in 2 weeks, which was not optimum for me. When someone is faced with excruciating pain they dont have time for a waiting game.
I went home to google emergency dentists and found some working out of different locations throughout New York City. After going all the way to Bay Ridge for a dental office that did not exist I came back to Crown Heights and found a dentist right on my corner.
They are located at 882 Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn, New York. The service was super friendly and the work was greatly done.
I got, what I continued to call, a Root Canal on one of my back molars.
Its actually an Oral Extraction when a dentist has to pull teeth, which is what I had performed.
A root canal, however, is when a dentist deadens the nerves in a tooth if they wish to save it. My tooth was beyond repair, which the dentists kept informing me was unfortunate because I was so young.
But the tooth was broken and causing me pain so I insisted on the extraction.
I rode into that surgical room like a valiant warrior.
The receptionist was very courteous and even offered me a discount, which I gladly accepted. The nurse was very caring and informative, and the dentist was delicate.
He did end up yanking a tooth out of my skull but he handled it as a mother handles her precious daughters’ tangled hair.
At the end we spoke about his 25 year experience as a Dentist, as well as the competition he has with the other dentists on Nostrand Ave.
Dr. Kirkland is highly experienced in his field and has many diplomas on his office wall to illustrate that. I highly recommend visiting this dental office for friendly, speedy, and satisfying work done on your pearly whites.

Phone 7187562213
882 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn, New York