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Help is on the Way

If you find yourself living in a shoe box of an apartment in the city, chances are you may have experienced maintenance issues in your building. Usually a result of the supers’ lack of care. But  sometimes, without provocation an emergency can change a person’s living situation forever. Sadly, enough the story doesn’t end there.

If a person experiences a fire, flood or other natural disaster and are rendered homeless a donation based program known as the Red Cross comes in to pick up the shattered pieces. They are limited in what they can do but offer many resources for those who have lost everything. Registration upon arrival allows a survivor to receive medical treatment, housing for a few days, and a small stipend which is placed on a prepaid debit card.

The Red Cross is volunteer based and works completely off of the graciousness of others. From the outreach team that are dispatched as soon as they are alerted about the disaster to the  advisor  who helps contact legal offices on behalf of the survivors are all volunteer participants. Even the money used in order to operate this program is donated and granted.

The Red Cross is a not for profit organization that has several locations, including one in Brooklyn at 4th Avenue in Park Slope. redcross

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I love spreading Christmas joy

Little kids are always fascinated by my dreds

Nikki was opening her toys but noticed my hair dangling and immediately stopped to pet me.

“Hair” is what she said , and I said “Yes, hair”

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Christmas Cheer

~ Santa

~ Santa

Tomorrow is coming

But today is here

So let’s show Santa

Our Christmas cheer

Twas the night of the eve

A night of wrapping gifts

We left a glass of milk

For Jolly ol’ St. Nick

There’s some cookies too

He’ll be full and gay

Then he’ll leave the gifts

And be on his way.