Static Racism

The sting of the vibe is electric
Nothing to stick a tongue at
We come in packs n thirst blood
Stopping for nothing we take the
Fearing no one we rush the
Freemasons n start our own
One where the black face prevails
N white men r torn from their
Mothers n children
Feel the volts of energy. Get a grip
of the amps n let the current flow
thru u
Touch a lightbulb on its butt n ull
feel the sparks that flew between
the KKK n the Little Rock 9
Stop assaulting my intelligence wit
ur “Routine” bullshit
Stop frisking my rights n
apprehending my civil liberties
I dont wish to aid n bed wit
criminals but when u shove them
all in my neighborhood i have no
choice but be seduced by them.
Strangers whistle at u then drag
bitches off to their deaths
And all the govt can say is “looks like crime rates are up”
Im handing out summonses for justice n if i have to ill steal from the rich n give to the poor
Shit if im Robin Hood then Racism is the king’s jester
Making a mockery of ppls stories laughing at real world issues
And glossing over the sancriment of honor
This fool prances around between sides gyrating obscenely
Hes shouting out slurs filled wit hatred n envy only making sense to the ignorant
Racism carries a spark that ignites in the faces if fools.
It stings vagrants mostly, but many more absorb its impact
Foolishly, out of either pride or stupidity
Or being stupidly proud
Which is what im scared of
I don’t want my babies to die by the hands of vagrants
Please arrest Zimmerman and stop the KKK or feel the volts of static racism

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